Monday, February 24, 2014

a storm's a brewing

According to the radar, a couple of storms are headed our way. The prospect of rain this week could not come at a better time. This winter has been so hot and dry! Barely any rain has fallen in the Southern Sierra. It is pretty depressing that this year has not turned out to be a good rain year. Hopefully this incoming storm will bring about enough water for some plants to germinate. Fingers crossed it does not heat up immediately after the rain.

I received word from my Inyokern contact, Kathy LaShure, that the Kiavah Wilderness area is at the moment still very dry.

The last time the Kiavah Wilderness received any kind of moisture was around February 6th. Soon after the rain, the heat turned right back up which must have sucked the moisture back into the atmosphere.

February 6th 2014. Large yellow cells over the Kiavah Wilderness
I'm not too sure when I will return to the field. I just hope that this rain event makes a positive impact on germination. I really cannot wait to get back out there.