Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lets not give up so easily

Today I briefly visited my study site today to check in on some seedlings and to scout Scodie Canyon. With this trip comes some lessons learned.

1. Spring has sprung or is just beginning to.

  • Seedlings are starting to flower. Not many, but some (see pictures below). Erodium and Bromus tectorum are getting their start. Some perennial shrubs are also starting to send out new growth. The most spectacular thing I noticed was the Joshua Trees are going to bloom (I didn't photograph those, but the inflorescences are budding). 

2. Scodie Canyon is not easily accessible, nor is Cap Canyon.

  • These canyons are fenced off and managed by California Fish and Wildlife. I will need to contact CFW and figure out how to get access to these canyons. They are ecological reserves, wildlife corridors, set up in 2005. A new obstacle to overcome. 

Perennial starting to bud.

Blue Army men scattered among Erodium seedlings.

The Blue Army men in their natural habitat.

This is where we found the Army men and a little yellow flower.

The little yellow flower. I'm pretty sure it is a weed, but it is the first annual of my study.
(Annotation: 3.27.2013 Not a weed! Tropidiocarpum gracile )

Ventured back to my 4x4 road to explore it again.

Gilia! Found these and more of it in decomposed granite.

Coreopsis, also in decomposed granite. 
I also picked up an Amsinkia and Lupinus at the site where I found the Gila and Coreopsis. These plants were all rather small and sparsely scattered. From the looks of it there will be a Phacelia blooming soon. I am really excited to have found these flowers, especially since my first trip was void of flowers. I cannot wait to see what else the Scodies have to offer.

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