Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Start of a New Journey

This blog is dedicated for documenting the research I will conduct for my Master's degree. I intend to post all of the triumphs and tribulations a master's student must endure doing field work in the 21st century. For my M.S. in Botany I will study the flora of the Kiavah Wilderness in the Scodie Mountains.

Where is that you might ask?
The Scodie Mountains are found at the southern terminus of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. It is a unique transition zone of various types of vegetation ranging from the desert to the Sierra Nevada. I plan to document, collect and identify as much of the flora of the Kiavah Wilderness within my reach.

What is a flora?
A flora is an intensive investigative study to survey, catalogue and describe the plant life is a particular region. A floristic study can be done on a micro or macro scale. On a macro scale one may want to know all the plants that grow in the Unites States or California. On a micro scale a researcher might be interested in a more localized region such as a county, city, wilderness, or park.
I am focusing my attention on the flora of the Kiavah Wilderness.

Along the Pacific Crest Trail looking westward- June 2012
Wish me luck and rain...

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